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How to prepare students for ЕГЭ (EGE) exam
Просмотров: 2040, дата: 22.02.2014, автор: Гусман Гайнуллин
I’d like to share here my personal experience of preparing students for EGE exam. I’d be really happy if you share your ideas on this important issue too. And here I’m trying to answer 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
1. How often do you meet and how much time do you spend with your EGE students?
a) We meet twice a week after lessons and study for about 2-3 hours (including tea break). 
b) My students also prepare for EGE during their English lessons since there is no meaning in doing what standard students do. I usually give them the plan of what they have do study themselves and show time limit.
Ex: “Do Murphy's Grammar, Units 3-5. You have to finish in 2 lessons”
c) The students also have their homework (grammar, vocabulary, tests, etc) since most of the workload must be carried by them. The teacher is there to help with the study plan, monitor progress, explain and check the unknown material (check - because you can’t trust all of them. Some are lazy or unrealistic in their ambitions).
2. 1.    “English Grammar in Use” by Murphy - beginning of the year. Students do it during the lessons. There are 50 units that have to be repeated for EGE - they are in the EGE codification page
2.    “Тематический тренажер по английскому языку. Словообразование” (It is attached).
3.     Macmillan –“Grammar and vocabulary” 
4.     "Practice Exam Papers for Russian National Exam". Афанасьева, Эванс, Копылова 2010
5. Самое полное издание типовых вариантов заданий ЕГЭ 2012. Английский язык.  Вербицкая М.В.
6. "Грамматика и лексика" Музланова Е.С, Кисунько Е.И. 2010
 And others - there are tons of books on EGE preparation.
3. How do you track students’ progress? Any ratings? How often? Do parents have access to the progress ratings?
I keep the record of what we do; otherwise it is hard to remember whether we follow the initial plan. The ratings we have are done this way:
1. Ss do the test.
2.Together we check the answers, teacher explains the unclear points.
3. Teacher records the result in the Excel file. (I do it on the WB so that it is visible to others – it always creates zeal and desire to compete)
Every session we meet we do the tests. We should vary types of the tests (vocab, grammar, writing sessions).
Once a month we do a very important test – “Mock test”. It is copy of a real EGE test- with all sections (Listening, Use of English, Reading, and Writing), time the same as at EGE) and the writing part is assessed according to EGE experts’ criteria. The purpose: to see if your students progress and to get rid of stress before the real exam.
The results of this test are sent to the class teachers for them to analyze and forward the results to the parents. It is very useful for the parents – shows the progress and creates motivating moment.
I wish you good luck in preparing your kids for EGE!
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#1 EGE exam or NSE or USE? Наверняка, все варианты правильны.
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