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Learner mistakes
Просмотров: 736, дата: 22.02.2014, автор: Гусман Гайнуллин
Learner mistakes
Making mistakes is a natural part of learning a second language.
And it is important to understand that there is a difference between slips and errors
Slips:  Students know the correct form, and make the slip due to carelessness, tiredness, etc. So they can correct themselves.
Errors: Students make a genuine mistake because they don’t actually know the correct form. The error is made due to factors such as trying to produce something which has not been fully learnt or learnt incorrectly
There are 4 major factors in learner errors:
Interference, Developmental error,  Mislearning, Fossilization.
Mistakes can be in grammar, register, pronunciation, spelling , etc.
We make mistakes because of various factors. For example: translation, over-generalization, anxiety, applying the rules of one’s native language to the foreign one and so on.
Well, there are some the dos and don’ts of error correction:
Don’t: correct all learners in the same way, correct all mistakes during a fluency activity, discourage students from correcting each other.
Do: see errors as useful, encourage students to correct themselves, tell students what they got right as well as what was wrong
So we should remember that making mistakes is okay as long as students don’t  repeat again and again. Moreover, they help us in detecting weak areas of our students knowledge.
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